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Cian Maynard

Abstract Fine Artist

About The Artist

Cian Maynard is an abstract artist who was born and lives in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. She is intrigued between the aspect of sex and spirtuality, using paint, print and self-portrait photography to explore her own female experience. 

I create large-scale psychedelic paintings that focus on sensual pleasure. The work explores sex and spirituality. It explores the spirtual realm and aspect upon sex having a power on ultimately bonding yourself to another person. Drawn from the female perspective, the paintings represent a sense of empowerment as I connect with another person, reclaiming my own euphoric power of the female experience.


I want sex to be normalised, removed from the toxicity of porn whilst providing women a voice aside from the patriarchal society that seeks to diminish the experiences of women in order to assert control of the female body.


The abstract forms and swirling patterns within the paintings insinuate the intensity of sensation and the spirtual, loving transfer of energy. The vibrant colours are key to this, and the palette explores the spiritual bond between two people. My paintings offer an intriguing yet battling discussion on the abstract nature form, while feeling uncomfortable on inspecting the taboo subject their beauty keeps you drawn.



2020-2023BA(Hons) Fine Art, The University of Salford

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2023: Fine Art Degree Show, The University of Salford, Salford
2022: Art Is Coming, Antw
erp Mansion, UK,  Manchester
2021: Window Gallery, The University of Salford, UK, Salford

Other projects: 

2023: Artist Talk, "Sex and Spirtuality" , The University of Salford


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